The Best Paying Pest Control Companies

As an expert in the pest control industry, I have seen firsthand the varying salaries of pest control technicians across different companies. According to our most recent salary estimates, Four Seasons and Main Sail are the top paying companies for pest control technicians. Other highly competitive companies include Chumash Casino Resort, ASRC Federal, Terminix International, Rentokil, Arrow Exterminators, Massey Services, Anticimex, and Cook's Pest Control.One of the main factors that determine a pest control technician's salary is their certification. While all technicians must be certified, the requirements vary from state to state.

This means that the salary may also vary depending on the location of the job. However, on average, 45% of pest control technicians in the United States are satisfied with their salary, indicating that it is a well-paying job. So how much can you expect to earn as a pest control technician? The highest average salaries are found in Alaska, Washington, and New Hampshire. These states also have the highest demand for pest control services due to their climate and geographical location. If you're considering a career as a pest control technician, you may have some questions about the industry and the job itself. The highest paying types of pest control technicians are control room technicians, fumigation equipment technicians, and fumigation technicians.

These positions may also be referred to as pest control specialists, termite technicians, and pesticide technicians.Now let's take a closer look at the average hourly wage for pest control technicians. In addition to their annual salary averages, we'll also explore which American cities pay exterminators the most money. The top five cities for pest control technician salaries are Anchorage (Alaska), Seattle (Washington), Manchester (New Hampshire), Las Vegas (Nevada), and Boston (Massachusetts).If you're a pest control technician looking for a job that offers a competitive salary, it may be more beneficial to search by city rather than by state. Even with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment of pest control technicians has continued to increase by 2.1% over the past four years.

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